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Sarita Kamat Designs

Floral Vines Hand-painted 14k Gold-filled Earrings

Floral Vines Hand-painted 14k Gold-filled Earrings

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Inspired by the intricate floral designs on the silk saris my mother wore when I was growing up,  This clear glass cabochon is hand painted with floral vines. This piece is created using pastel shades.
Flowers can express every sentiment that one can imagine. Floral vines have a very profound meaning, like connection, friendship, strength, and determination.

  • Hand-painted floral vines on 18 x 13 mm clear glass cabochon.
  • The hand-painted cabochon is fired and coated with Art Resin to protect the painting.
  • The painted cabochons are connected to a gold plated Anaraku earring bails and finished with 14k gold-filled earwires.
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