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Sarita Kamat Designs

The Sunflowers Field - Acrylic Painting 11x14" Print

The Sunflowers Field - Acrylic Painting 11x14" Print

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This is a 11x14" print of The Sunflower Field, acrylic painting. 

I love everything in nature. Flowers, trees, birds, animals, the skies and clouds. Everything I love and paint has a reason and a story behind it. Sometimes the reason is 'just because'.

The sunflowers are very special though, because I believe that our squirrel friend Half-T (we named her so because she had a half tail), left a trail of sunflower blossoms in our yard before she passed away 8 years ago. We had these gorgeous Sunflower blooms that just blossomed without us planting any seeds and reminded us of our dear Half-T who had a beautiful bond with our cat Cloud. A mystery! In 2022 we had no sunflower blooms at all. That made me sad and I took to painting sunflowers to keep them and Half-T alive in our life. This is the first large one in the sunflower series. I hope you enjoy it.

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